I like for my work to be perfect. With over 40 years of experience in photography, I enjoy making beautiful images every day.

 I first pick up my dad Canon 35 mm at 12 years old.  I study film at this young age 12-15 years old and study photography at 15- 18. I was not ready for college.

So, I join the marines at 20 and got travel the world take photos along the way.  So, after 35 years of services I want to use my GI Bill to follow this lifelong dream to go to Brooks Institute to get my BFA in Photography.  I am currently in my last year of Brooks teach out at MSMU in Hollywood.

As I travel the world shooting I enjoy meeting people, seeing places working with models, designers, and MUAs.  I just got back from Paris fashion week 2017. I also got the chance to shoot in Paris, and Cannes, France; Venice, Italy; Switzerland. I am current home in Okinawa, Japan.

Jim Blankemeier